Wedding FAQs

Your wedding day is a joyful occasion to create special memories, not only for yourselves but for your guests, too. At Seckford Hall, we have years of experience in offering the perfect setting and atmosphere for wedding celebrations. You may want a lavish reception with 150 guests or a smaller, more intimate gathering for close friends and family. Whatever style of wedding celebration you choose, our friendly and capable staff will organise every detail so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

  • Typical concerns people have about their wedding?

One of the main concerns all wedding couples have is can they have the wedding day they want on the budget they have allocated. Most bride and grooms come along with a clear view on what they want, we always try and work with them to achieve this, but it can sometimes mean comprising in places to work within their budget.

  • What kind of weddings can you organise?

Within reason anything really! Whatever the style of wedding celebration you choose, the team at Seckford are capable of organising every detail so you can relax and enjoy your special day. For the larger wedding the Lakeside Suite overlooking the gardens has been a firm favourite for many years seating 120 comfortably. We also have the facility to have a large marquee on the back of the Lakeside Suite. Smaller intimate gatherings for close family and friends can also be accommodated.

Each reception is different and the seating arrangements, choice of food and music will vary according to a couple’s individual preference. We have had bbq’s and hog roasts in the past and even had a medieval wedding, where the groom arrived in a suit of armour! We have also had couples wanting to surprise their guests with their choice of menu. One particular couple that were great connoisseurs of food had sausage and mash followed by Angel Delight! That really took everyone by surprise!

  • What are the most popular?

We find because Seckford Hall is in such a romantic setting that the traditional type of wedding is still hugely popular. A traditional sit down meal with speeches and an evening reception. We cater for civil ceremonies too, which are also becoming more popular, bride and grooms like the idea of having the wedding all in one location.

  • What are your main tips/advice, things that couples should definitely consider?

We think it is really important to plan the day you want, not what somebody else wants! Bride and Grooms often feel pressure from family members; it is your day, and important to remember this.

  • What questions should you ask?

We will always go through the whole day with the bride and groom, however if you are planning anything unusual it is best to ask questions in advance not the week before the wedding. For example booking a ten-piece band and then finding out there is not enough space in the room!

  • How long does it take to plan a wedding?

We have anything from 3 months to two years! On the whole most people tend to book up a good year to 18 months in advance. This is advisable as we find the top photographers; florists and other suppliers tend to be booked up very much in advance too.

  • Can you accommodate all size of wedding?

We can accommodate up 120 in our Lakeside Suite, 140 with a marquee. We can also cater for smaller intimate weddings in our Lakeside Suite or in the main hotel restaurant.

  • How much should couples be prepared to spend?

We are always happy to work within the bride and grooms budget. The cost will ultimately depend on the type of wedding required. If the budget set aside is really not going to get you the wedding you want, we always recommend that the couple look at ways of making savings. For example, getting married mid-week or out of season can save quite a lot of money. Suppliers also tend to reduce their rates at these times, so it is still possible to achieve the day you had planned.

  • Tell us about your background?

Seckford Hall has been organising weddings for generations. Mr Bunn who owns the hotel has alone arranged weddings for over 40 years. What is really interesting is that we are now organising the wedding receptions of the children whose parents got married at our hotel too.

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