Wedding Planning and Tips

Planning and Tips

At Seckford Hall, we have years of experience and offer the perfect setting and atmosphere for wedding celebrations. From your initial enquiry to your wedding day our friendly and capable staff will organise every detail so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

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Wedding Etiquette

The information below is based on standard wedding etiquette, and is a guide only. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have.

The Perfect Reception

At the reception the usual line up waiting to greet the guests is as follows, the brides parents followed by the bridegrooms parents, then the bride and the bridegroom, then lastly the bridesmaids and the best man. This lineup ensures that both families have the opportunity to speak to all of the guests. But, conversation should be kept to a polite minimum as the queue can become unwieldly. Most receptions begin with a reception drink served before the meal. Include non-alcoholic alternatives for children and those who are driving or do not drink.

Toasts and Speeches

These would normally take place at the end of the meal and would accompany the cutting of the wedding cake.

The following is the usual order of proceedings:

  1. The bride and bridegroom cut the cake
  2. Toast “The Bride and Bridegroom”. This is normally proposed by the brides father or a close relative or friend of the family
  3. Toast to “The Bridesmaids”. This is usually proposed by the bridegroom following his response to the first toast
  4. The best man would then respond to the bridegrooms speech on behalf of the bridesmaids. He would also read the telegrams and a selection of cards to the guests.

Download our guide to wedding etiquette

Roles and Responsibilities

The following checklists should prove useful when planning your wedding:

Brides Mother

  • Arrange printing of invitations
  • Send out invitations
  • Order the wedding cake
  • Order wines
  • Hire the wedding photographer
  • Book the florist for the church and reception
  • Order the cake boxes
  • Arrange the display of presents
  • Hire the wedding cars
  • Contact the local newspaper for announcement
  • Arrange entertainment in the evening
  • Hire video company to film the event

The Bridegroom

  • Arrange the ceremony
  • Choose the best man
  • Hire morning dress
  • Order flowers for the bride, bridesmaids and mothers
  • Obtain registrars certificate if needed
  • Arrange the travel for the honeymoon
  • Arrange the cars to and from the church
  • Prepare response to the bridegrooms toast
  • Prepare toast to the parents
  • Choose bridesmaids gifts

The Bride

  • Choose her bridesmaids
  • Select dress for bridesmaids and yourself
  • Book hair appointment
  • Make a list of preferred wedding gifts

The Best Man

  • Look after the rings
  • Organise the cars from the church
  • Reply to the bridesmaids toast
  • Propose toast to the parents
  • Return the bridegrooms and your morning dress
  • The Brides Father
  • Double check the transport arrangements
  • Order morning dress
  • Respond to toast to the parents

The Bridesmaids

  • Choose dresses with the bride
  • Help the bride to dress
  • Chief bridesmaid takes charge of brides boquet during the ceremony
  • Serve portions of cake at the reception