10 Alternative Wedding Cakes

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10 Alternative Wedding Cakes

Oreo Wedding Cakes

Everyone has a favourite part of a wedding. Whether it’s the ‘I do’s’, the first dance or the speeches. For many it’s the cake! Who doesn’t love cake?!

Like everything though, trends have evolved meaning weddings are filled with creativity and exciting ideas.

Not everyone goes for the traditional sponge or fruit cake, swapping them with exciting statement pieces which not only look fab, but taste incredible.

If you fancy doing something a little different with your wedding cake, here is a little inspiration. Grab a cuppa and join us for a couple mouth watering minutes…

Some couples just don’t have a sweet tooth, so it begs the question, why would these couples go for a sweet cake the size of a small child? Why not choose something more savoury?

For the cheese lovers a stacked cake of cheese is the ultimate indulgence. Layer after layer of colours, flavours and delectable smells. They of course can be decorated, but don’t cover it too much, the beauty is in the cheese of course! 

Here’s another for the savoury fiends amongst us. A big ol’ hunk or 2 of pork pie! Ok, so it may not be very delicate, but it would be perfect for a more rustic wedding.

Accompany your beautiful pies with a selection of chutney’s, mustards and coleslaws to finish off your table.

If the above makes you just as happy as when you said ‘yes’ (never admit this to your spouse), then think how much happier you would be if you had a mixture of both? A layer of cheese, followed by a layer of pie, layer of cheese, layer of pie, cheese, pie, STOP IT, you’re so naughty!

Think of all the flavours you can enjoy in a normal cake. Rich chocolate, zesty citrus, refreshing berries and then add extra creamy goodness. If this sounds right up your street, then Cheese Cake is for you our friend!

The beauty of cheese cake is that it’s not as expensive as regular wedding cakes. They can be decorated and beautified as you would usually, but with the bonus of being able to have a multitude of layers and flavours to suit all tastes.

The next three are self-explanatory, but equally as fabulous.

Create a structure of chocolatey biscuit and creamy centres with a stack of Oreos!

This would be amazing with little glasses of milk on the side, so guests can be taken back to a simpler time of childhood memories and nights on the sofa with their parents.

Slightly more elaborate and decorative than the Oreo, a Croquembouche is not only delicious but impressive.

As you may have seen on Bake Off, these can be decorated beautifully with swirls of sauces or spun sugar.

If you were to give our awards to the chocolate world, Ferrero Rocher would win ‘The Most Glamorous Chocolate’ Award.

Their gold foil and gorgeous texture is so decadent, making it the perfect choice for a stack of chocolatey/nutty goodness.

Nothing gets guests excited like a stack of brownies. What’s not to love! Oozy, gooey chocolate filled with nuts and caramel… do you need any further persuasion?

Whether you go for a home-made recipe, which has been in the family for years, or visit your favourite bakery, this simplistic idea is deliciously simple.

Macaroon’s offer a cosmopolitan edge to a wedding. Notoriously known for being one of the priciest sweets, they offer beautiful colour, a glamourous edge and a floaty light texture.

A popular idea for a Macaroon Cake is the ombre effect, starting with a darker colour towards the bottom, leading up to a different colour towards the top.

A perfect way to enhance your chosen wedding colour.

This wedding cake alternative is simple, but perfect for those who love pie. Whether you go for a savoury pie, a sweet pie or a couple of each, guests can take slices of sumptuous fillings and beautiful pastry.

So much can be done with shapes and decor on the lid of your pie, especially if you use puff, choux or shortcrust pastry. Be as elaborate or as simplistic as you like.

Doughnuts are entering the wedding world with full force now. Appearing on Doughnut walls, as wedding cakes and in canapes.

We love a Doughnut Cake, as you can create a style that suits your wedding. Whether you stack a variety of colours, use a dusting of sugar or drip gooey chocolate down the tower. Warm or cold, a doughnut cake should be a contender for your wedding day.

The brilliant thing about your wedding cake, is that as long as you can stack, it can be a wedding masterpiece! Talk to our team today on 01394 385 678 or email weddings@seckford.co.uk to discuss wedding’spiration for your special day.