Stunning Flowers for a Spring Wedding

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Stunning Flowers for a Spring Wedding

Purple Floral Bouquet

Spring is such an idyllic time of the year to get married. The sun is starting to shine, blossoms are starting to bloom and the array of colours that surround our countryside create the most picture-perfect moments. Spring flowers are great for wedding flowers; there are so many to choose from, allowing you to add your own unique style to your spring wedding.

This year’s wedding trends seem to be heavily focused on unique colours, with the introduction of Ultra Violet weddings being a hugely popular trend. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with how you want your wedding flowers to look, here are a few ideas for you to choose from.

Blue has become very popular over the years, with navy being one of the most popular picks. As it is such a statement colour, it really makes the wedding photography pop, and can make some stunning statement shots.

Thistle is one of the most popular flowers used in a Scottish bouquet. In Scotland the thistle represents endurance, unity and victory, making it the perfect flower to represent your wedding. The striking shape and powerful look to the thistle makes it truly stand out amongst other flowers.

If you are looking for a slightly more old-school romance to your wedding flowers, lavender is a must. This gentle flower reminds so many of their elderly loved ones. The strong calming scent can evoke wonderful memories, yet many say it can take you forward into a wonderful marriage, with its symbolism of devotion.

To add a more delicate nature to your wedding flowers, the cornflower is perfect. Such a fresh looking flower with subtle petals, yet with a gloriously bold colour. It can hold its own with the bigger buds, but also fit perfectly with a more refined bouquet.  


Blushing pinks within a bouquet adds true romance to your overall wedding style. This subtle splash of colour is very calming, yet so effective.

The two most popular flowers to be used in this type of bouquet are roses and peonies.

Peonies have become hugely popular throughout homes and in wedding flowers over the past year, helped by its appearance within celebrity Instagram posts. They have a fabulously curvaceous shape, with a beautiful scent yet gentle petals that add softness.

If you are swayed by the meaning of the flowers within your arrangements, you need to know that the various colours of roses effects what they represent.

Light pink has a meaning of grace, and ideal as a sweet gift for a friend. This shade would be wonderful for the bridesmaid’s bouquet, or as flowers to give to the mother of the bride/groom.

Peach roses represent modesty, yet if you go a couple of shades darker, towards a salmon coloured rose, this shade suggests excitement and desire!


As spring is a time of fresh starts and new life, it’s always good to celebrate with bright, bold and beautiful colours.

Roses have been the main features of button holes for years, they are strong, beautiful and stand out. If you want to mix up your button holes with alternative flowers, and add a touch of fun to your wedding party, these beauties have the same qualities needed to stand the test of time for your wedding day.

Like the rose, colours of the tulip represent different meanings. The overall look of this bold flower has a fabulously playful image, with strong colours that can light up an outfit or a room.

Pink tulips symbolise happiness and yellow represents cheerful thoughts. Why not wrap every feeling you need for a long and happy marriage in your bouquet with these wonderfully thoughtful flowers.

Daffodils are perfect for weddings on a budget, but yet by no means should they be seen as a poor man’s flower. This vibrant bloom offers so much light and colour spreading its happy playful nature wherever they appear. They are the epitome of spring and have such a powerful meaning of creativity, vitality and inner reflection. We can see why they are chosen to be the national symbol of Wales.

Many couples have chosen to keep their wedding very pure with an all-white wedding. The fabulous thing about these weddings are they keep everyone happy with its traditional, yet modern style.

You can change the image of your wedding with being selective with the shape of flowers you choose to use. The delicate nature of the gypsophila are perfect for rustic styles, but adding daisies offer more playful connotations.

Add more texture to your wedding with white spray chrysanthemum, or add these gorgeously strong flowers to your flower wall for a true statement piece.

As we mentioned earlier, roses and tulips each have various meaning depending on colour. If there are two flowers that should be used to represent the true meaning of marriage, it should be these two beautiful blooms.

White Tulips offer a meaning of love and spirituality, along with passion. Not only do these elegant flowers complement a brides dress, but they also add a gorgeous majestic look and finish to your wedding.

The white rose represents new starts, spirituality and marriage, yet their underlying meaning also pays homage to those all-important loved ones who can’t be with you on your special day. They symbolise remembrance and provide the perfect way to say that you are still thinking about your past loved ones.

The overall look of your wedding is always finished off by your choice of flower arrangements. They add such beauty to your wedding from the bouquets and buttonholes to your centrepieces and flower walls.  Create a finish that will represent what is important to you and your other half, whether it’s your creativity and passion or your calming and peaceful natures.

If you need any help with your day, whether it is choosing the right flowers, or to help brainstorm ideas for entertainment, please feel free to call one of our expert wedding co-ordinators on 01394 385 678.