Why Wed on a Wednesday

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Why Wed on a Wednesday

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As we head into wedding season, our weekends are filled with emotional speeches and fizz filled antics. Now and again we will be treated to a mid-week celebration, which breaks up our working week nicely!

Weddings on a Wednesday are not only superstitiously the best day to get married on, but they are also easier on the wedding budget. Which makes us question, why aren’t they more popular?

Before you book your weekend celebrations, let us show you how a Wednesday wedding could be the perfect start to wedded bliss…

Majority of all things wedding related is cheaper during the week. The venues have better priced packages, the DJ will be twiddling their thumbs and that band you’ve wanted to book for ages, they will probably offer a great deal as well.

Family and friends will also thank you, as hotels in the local area will also be a lot cheaper. This means they can spend more on their outfit for your big day.

You can save so much money when booking a mid-week wedding, allowing you to put your wedding budget towards the delicate details that add that all important personal touch.


Wedding planning can really take it out of you, which makes the honeymoon so important to newlyweds. Some time to reflect on your special day and enjoy each other as a couple.

The extra money you save can go towards a more luxurious honeymoon. Whether it’s somewhere secluded and hot with cocktails, an activity filled honeymoon or an exploratory adventure, the perfect honeymoon is waiting to be booked.


Competition for your chosen entertainment, the most popular florists, local registrars and even minor details like hiring of cake stands can be reduced significantly during the week.

Majority of the most sort after wedding vendors will be booked early during the weekends, meaning some couples end up settling for second best. Some even have to postpone their wedding to suit timings and availability.

Weekend weddings can also be chaotic for vendors, your wedding may not be the only one they have booked that day.

Weekdays can allow them time to give you their undivided attention, meaning better photos, and an all-round more relaxed feel.


As we can’t control the calendar, those special days that are significant to a couple don’t always land on a weekend.

Anniversaries, holidays and even birthdays can land on any day of the week. If you are open to a mid-week wedding, you have the freedom to hold your nuptials on a day of significance.

It’s such a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your big day.


According to superstition and some religions weekday weddings are luckier than those on a weekend.

In the book of Genesis it is referenced that God saw the third day as good, which many Jewish couples interpret as Tuesday (being the 3rd day) as twice as lucky for a wedding to take place.

Today weddings are filled with traditional and superstitious symbolic gestures. From the throwing of the confetti and gifts to the bride to being carried over the threshold.

If you are a superstitious couple, this effect the day that you decide to get married.

According to a Celtic Folk Rhyme, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday offer a more promising start to your marriage.

Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday the best day of all,

Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses, and Saturday no luck at all."


Weekends are generally seen as the better day for weddings as it’s when majority of guests will be off work.

Week day weddings are perfect for more intimate affairs, as close friends and family wouldn’t think twice about taking some time off to celebrate with you.

For bigger parties, time off during the week breaks up the working week and adds something a little different to their general Monday to Friday routines.

Since when has taking a day off been a bad thing?


The most important thing is to book a day that suits you as a couple. There are so many things to take into account and we are more than happy to help you come to a decision that works.

If you have picked a wedding date, or are yet to decide, get in touch with our team on 01394 385 678 or email at weddings@seckford.co.uk and we can make sure you’re getting the best with your available budget.