Find the ultimate alternative wedding theme

Some couples really struggle to find their own personal wedding theme. Finding that style that they adore and what excites them.

What’s your wedding theme inspiration?

For some, you already know what your wedding venue is going to look like, others find it more difficult.

There is so much choice out there, it can be a bit confusing deciding on colours, fabrics and flowers. Our main piece of advice would be to take it step by step.

Look around your home, are there any nuggets of inspiration you can pick up on. Colours you gravitate towards, hobbies you share, textures that you love?

Next comes the fun part.

If you’re interested in doing something less conventional then take on a theme which really represents the fun side in you. We have seen all sorts of themes including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lego plus many more.

Here are some themes to think about for your 2018/2019 wedding…

Film Themed Weddings

Films wedding themes are fantastic for bringing out the adventurous side in you as they always have so many elements that stick in people’s minds. The music, the outfits, the statement settings. You can go as crazy or as subtle as you like and fellow fans will pick up on those themed hints.

Films such as Harry Potter and Disney add whimsical romance to any wedding. Quotes from the film always have an element of love and romance to them which oozes beauty.

We have seen ‘Always’ cake toppers, Beauty and the Beast inspired décor and ‘Happily ever after’ signs throughout this year’s weddings and we can’t wait to see more.

If you want to move towards the more powerful themed film, Star Wars and Marvel have been hugely popular. Offering power, strength and so much fun for your special day.

Toys and games

Take yourself back to your childhood and incorporate your favourite games and toys within your wedding theme. This is not only fantastic for a more nostalgic feel, but younger guests will appreciate as much as the big kids.

Think a Lego style wedding cake, Monopoly style centre piece or old school computer games for entertainment.

Fantasy Wedding Theme

Fantasy style weddings are not only visually stunning, but fabulous for using your imagination. The likes of unicorns and fairies can be used throughout.

A popular use of fairies is either in the gardens along with fairy doors and fairy lights, or as the mini bridesmaids’ outfits.

Unicorns have been huge this year, with them appearing in homes, fashion and on holidays all around the world. It isn’t a surprise that they have also appeared more frequently in the wedding scene.

Beautiful colours, flowing fabrics and clever use of florals and fauna are just a few of the ways to ignite your fantasy style wedding.

Kelsie Low Photography

TV Wedding Themes

If you’re more of a Netflix and chill couple… (don’t be cheeky). Then maybe your favourite TV series could be the subject of your wedding.

This is your chance to really challenge your knowledge of your favourite sitcoms, reality TV, series and even soaps.

Since Friends came back to the screens curtesy of the wonderful Netflix, the ‘He’s her lobster’ theme has come back with full force. We love the use of the gold frame for Insta pics and Central Perk style table plans!

Other TV wedding themes could include the likes of the wintery Game of Thrones, and the ever-loved Dr Who.

Whatever your style, do it with creativity and confidence!


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