Wedding invitation Trends 2018/19

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May 31, 2018
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June 28, 2018

Wedding invitation Trends 2018/19

Botanical wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are not only a way to formally invite your guests to your wedding, but it also sets the tone for what’s to come.

Through the look and feel of your invites, you can offer a snap shot for your guests, showing them what they can expect from your wedding. Whether it’s a teaser of your colour scheme, theme or level of formality.

The trends for 2018/2019 are so versatile, giving brides and grooms a huge array of choice. This offers you the opportunity to be creative and allow your personality to shine through your stationery from the save the dates to the table plans.

If you are lacking inspiration for your wedding invitations, check out some of the top trends for 2018/19.

Water colour is such a beautiful way of offering a soothing flow of colour, creating romantic vibes. This classic technique has been brought back and has surged in popularity over the past 12 months. 

Some use brush strokes of their colour scheme in a simplistic manner, others have specific locations painted on their invitation.

A very popular and personal choice is a water colour painting of a scenery that means something to the couple. This could be a location of their first date, somewhere they grew up or the venue they have chosen for their wedding celebrations.  

Water Colour Wedding invititation

Those who have serious wanderlust will be just as interested in their honeymoon as they are their wedding. Why not combine the two?

Very popular with destination weddings, travel tickets and document style invitations are a great way to keep your invitation snappy, to the point and very noticeable.

These quirky invites are always the ones that guests will pin to their noticeboard because they just look so fun and unique.

Travel themed wedding invites

Personalise your wedding stationery by creating your own monogram. The sharp lines and simplistic colour will be smart and striking.

If it’s good enough for the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton and the Royal Family, it’s certainly good enough for you.   

Monogram stamped invitation

Incorporate your heritage or favourite travel destination into your wedding by referencing cultures in your colours and design.

From the glorious patterns used in Asian décor to the refreshing white and blue palette of Santorini, there are so many ways to pay homage to some of the most stunning destinations and cultures.

Greek inspired wedding invites

Why not keep it simple? Take away any excess colour and fussiness, use beautiful calligraphy and only offer the essentials of information.  

Sometimes less is so much more!

Minimalist style invites

Since the royal wedding green has been the go-to colour for weddings. You can truly bring the outdoor in with various shades and foliage.

This is the perfect time to play around with gorgeous textures and shapes throughout your stationery. 

Botanical Invites

Envelopes are sometimes an afterthought when it comes to sending out invitations. Why not pay them a little more attention and add a splash of your design to the lining.

Whether it’s a simple single colour or incorporating a specific pattern, it just shows that element of design that those who love attention to detail, crave.

Envelope Liners

The ombre effect has swept the wedding world, appearing in everything from the wedding cake to floral arrangements.

There are so many ways you can use the ombre style whether you want to cover a huge spectrum of colours or use one colour and slowly fade it out.

Some like to add strong lines of colour and go a shade lighter each time, others prefer a subtler water colour effect.

Take your wedding colour and really have fun with it. 

Ombre effect invitations

The past 2 years has seen a huge shift in people being more aware of our damaging effect on the environment. Strides towards a more caring world whether it’s in their eating habits, or the way in which we recycle have become a lot more apparent.

Paperless is one of those movements that is helping make our world a better place and has become one of 2018’s ways of sending wedding invitations.

Couples can set up a website or use email to send their save the dates, wedding invites and thank you cards to reduce cost and paper wastage, saving their wedding budget and the environment. 

There are so many companies who offer this type of service and provide the opportunity for you to set up other wedding systems incorporating your gift list, table plans and wedding planning in one place.

Embrace your wedding stationery and keep the theme flowing through your wedding day. If you decide on a honeymoon theme design, why not order a cocktail cart? If you prefer a more cultural theme, you can use traditional recipes from that country in your wedding menu. We can even compliment your green-theme with sparkling lights or candles.

There are so many ways to create the ultimate theme for your wedding day, feel free to talk to our team on 01394 385 678 or contact them here to discuss creative ideas for your special day.

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