50 corporate team building exercises

Thinking of an imaginative and entertaining corporate event isn’t always easy. Finding something that a large group of individuals will all like and want to get involved in can be quite restrictive.

With all that our business venue offers, Seckford has a huge array of companies visit. From the small start ups to large corporations, all with the same aim; to build team unity and improve the running of the company.

Find inspiration in our top 50 team building and corporate event ideas, all of which aim to build friendships, encourage imaginative thinking and help people discover where their roles are within the team.

Team building Activities for Small Sized Companies

Escape Rooms

To really see who acts well under pressure, Escape rooms are a great choice. A bit like The Crystal Maze, all games can be a mix of brain teasers, physical challenges and skilled tasks, bringing a group together to get out of the locked room.

Horse Riding

Perfect for enjoying the countryside and getting some fresh air, horse riding can clear the mind and teach a new skill. Better for smaller team building exercises and pushing boundaries.

Food Eating Competition

If you’ve always wanted to take on a real Man v Food challenge, then get your team to participate in a food eating challenge. From fruit to hot-dogs, this isn’t for everyone; and for those that are up for it – come hungry!

Team sky dive

This is not for the faint hearted, but perfect for the thrill seekers in your group. Easier to organise with a small group of people, rather than a big organisation but the ultimate way to create bonds amongst colleagues. This is also a fantastic way to raise money for charity, as you can ask business partners, family and friends to donate towards a charity of your choice.

Painting Class

Perfect for finding your teams inner artist. Relaxing, calming and ideal for the more creative business. This could be as simple as a lifestyle drawing/painting day or go all out and do a life drawing class.

Countdown Competition

‘I’ll have a vowel please Carol!’  Put your team in to groups and depending on size of your company, this may require a few rounds to find your Countdown champions. Testing both numerical and lexical dexterity skills (fancy!) this will insert some competition amongst groups. Who can answer under pressure, who will surprise you with their mathematical ability? This is the ultimate way to find out.

Hot air ballooning

Up, up and away! Hot Air ballooning can be done in many ways. You can hire a company to come to you with an air balloon, or you can go to a set location to head up into the skies.

You can also hire a tethered balloon for photographic opportunities, this option may be better for larger groups, so everyone gets to have a go in the balloon.

Sumo wrestling

What could be better than dressing up in a padded Sumo suit, wrestling your co-workers to the ground and crowning yourself the ultimate inflatable warrior? As well as being super fun and unique, sumo wrestling is guaranteed to bring even the shyest members of any team out of their shell.

Jigsaw Puzzle race

Intricate, competitive and relies on an eye for detail. Get your team in one big Jigsaw Puzzle Race. Probably not the most elaborate of corporate events, it would be more suitable for an internal activity, but the winner can enjoy a prize of your choice.

Team building Activities for Medium Sized Companies


It’s Mr Chips everybody! The aim of the game is just to ‘say what you see’. Perfect for a small team building exercise or if you want to create groups, it can be made into a bigger event. Come up with your own images/videos and get your teams to guess the Catchphrase!

Human parachute

This team building game is ideal for getting your company to work together to achieve a set outcome. Relatively cheap and using all forms of mental and physical challenges, your team will have to listen to each other to succeed. Other challenges can include a Human Knot and Human Shapes.


Energetic, fun and utterly hilarious; Zorbing is a great way to break down defences and encourage childish behaviour. Groups can really get to know each other’s fun side, letting the office politics all slowly fade away.

Karaoke Night

This may require a few alcoholic beverages to get everyone to take part, but once you have your resident office singer up on the stage others will follow. Great for breaking down barriers and letting everyone’s hair down, and really get to know another side to your colleagues.

Murder Mystery

Find your inner Poirot and discover the murderer in your group (not literally we hope). Each member is given their own identity, which helps encourage everyone’s theatrical side. Great for investigative work and working out clues, such a great way to use all problem-solving skills.

Crime Scene investigating

Taking murder mystery that step further and using more technical equipment. Take all those ‘skills’ you have learned from Line of Duty, Vera, Broadchurch and CSI and create a day of investigative research.

Building Structures

Live your Lego fantasies by working in a team to fabricate a structure higher and better than your competitors. Touch the sky and crush your opponents. Strong planning and communication skills will help your team win!

Board Games

Get competitive around a game of Monopoly or demonstrate your Pictionary skills to your colleagues. Roll those dice and see who comes out on top!

Mad Hatters Tea Party

“I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” Does this quote sum up your office? Then a Mad Hatters Tea party for your event is a must. Creative décor, nostalgic feels and delicious dining. What more could you want.

Baking Class

Ready, set, BAKE! With Great British Bake Off being such a huge part of our yearly TV viewing schedules, baking has become increasingly popular. This doesn’t have to happen in just one event, you could spread it out over a series of weeks, making each week a different challenge. Perfect for continuous group bonding.

Human hungry hippos

Take yourself back to childhood games and really bring them to life with this life size version of hungry hippos. All you will need is bodyboards/skateboards, coloured ball pit balls, round washing baskets and a few energetic teams. RELEASE THE BALLS!

Three-legged party

The classics will never go out of style! Ideal for any size corporate event, a three-legged party is the perfect way to get your team to mingle and bring even the most reserved members out of their shell. This type of event also builds trust and encourages teamwork.

Ferret Racing

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to entertain your team, ferret racing is a great way to bring your team together. Have fun without any risk by using coupons or fake money for betting to make it that bit more intriguing.

Football golf

This combination of two of the most popular sports is bound to be a hit with team members of all ages. Football golf is the perfect team building event for really getting to know your team and allowing them to get to know each other, whilst contributing to teamwork and communication skills.

The Highland games

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition! From tug of war to welly wanging, Highland Games are the ideal way to develop communication and interpersonal skills. Take your team out for a unique activity day and get the team spirit going!


A childhood classic for all ages, a game of rounders can be simple yet effective. Getting team members to mingle with those they may not usually talk to will bring everyone closer and strengthen interpersonal skills.

Talent show

Do you have a secret talent that you are just itching to show off to your team? Keen to see what hidden skills your co-workers have tucked up their sleeve? Host your very own corporate talent show to keep your team building day laid back and casual, whilst boosting your team’s confidence. Who knew Lindsay from accounting could beatbox?!

Rocket building

Find your inner child and get creative! The aim of the game, your rocket needs to get higher than everyone else’s! Gather equipment and use all of your rocket inspired knowledge to build your structure, just try not to set fire to anything…

Quiz show

Whether it’s trivia about your company or some challenging general knowledge, test your team’s brains with a quiz show. Whilst being laid back and fun, a company quiz show can help build social and communication skills.

Board Game Tournament

It was Professor Plum with the candlestick in the Dining Room… Enjoy a blast from the past and bring back the classics for a day of board games. Get your team working together and socialising with new people whilst reliving childhood memories of your favourite games. Why not get your team members to bring in their own favourites or have a prize for the tournament winner?

Office Trivia

No time to leave the office but in need of something to give your office a boost? An office trivia quiz is the way forward. A great way for team building internally and fantastic for taking an hour out to take a breather. It can be as simple as everyone sending over a fact about themselves, and in teams everyone having to guess who that fact relates to.

Team building Activities for Large Companies

Treasure Hunt

From a young age, treasure hunts have been a popular activity for groups of friends. They are the ultimate way to discover leadership skills, problem solving abilities and encourage creative thinking.

Hide riddles and clues around your chosen venue and set a target for the end. Whether it’s using disposable cameras or a scavenger hunt list, this will be a great way to get everyone involved.

It’s a knockout

A day of energy and fun, ‘It’s a Knockout’ is designed for large lively groups of people. A great way to bring out the competitive nature of even the quietest team member.

Bivouac building

Become Bear Grylls for a day with your team and create a survival structure. No technology to help you – just branches and your imagination as you build a shelter to take on a storm. Great for fans of Lost or Castaway.


Not just for the older generation; bingo is making a resurgence across the country for all ages. Easy for anyone to learn as tensions rise waiting for that last number before screaming BINGO!

Make a movie

Fancy yourself as the next Stephen Spielberg or Tom Cruise, or just fancy being behind the camera. Making a movie needs a strong vision, focus and communication to succeed.

Outdoor cinema

This can be a great relaxing all-inclusive corporate event with delicious street food, comfortable seating, a few drinks and classic films. You can either do a marathon of films from popular directors or choose one film for everyone to enjoy. Great for creating a relax and informal atmosphere.

Laser Quest

Discover your inner ninja with this competitive arena of lasers, barriers and tasks. Whatever your mission, you must use everything you have to win with and for your team. Competitive, exhilarating and really pushes your team to the limit… without the pain of a paint ball.

Paint balling

Talking of painful paint balls! Like Laser Quest you will have to use your bravery and agility to take on your opposition. Each task gets you closer the end goal of office bragging rights.

Petting Zoo

Slow down the pace of the regular business day by getting hands on with a goat or rabbit! Getting close to animals can have such a calming impact on your team.

Group picnic

Get everyone out and about in the park for sandwiches, cakes and snacks. Food can either be provided by an external company or everyone can bring in their own creation. Mix this with some park games and you have yourself an afternoon of fun and food.

Fundraising event

A fundraising event is so much more than just a team building day; as well as bringing your own team together, raising money will make a huge difference whether it is for your own corporation or for a charity. If you decide to raise money for a charity, discussing which charity to raise money for can help get an idea for what your team members are passionate about, and gives an opportunity to get to know them personally.


Everyone loves a BBQ, delicious food, ice cold drinks and you always have that chief BBQ’er who will not leave the burgers for no one. This can be a great way to congratulate your own team for a successful quarter, or a way to raise money for a local charity. Whatever your aim, don’t forget the sauces!

Circus Skills

Hire an external company and get those plates spinning, balls up in the air and your team swinging from the trapeze. Such a versatile team building day, there will be something for everyone, so no one is missed out. Perfect for teams big and small, and for spotting everyone’s potential.


Clear the mind, explore the countryside and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds us. If you’re in the city, you may need to get the team to travel to do this but it’s totally worth it. If you fancy, you could always make sure the end location involves a drink at the local pub?

Corporate Events to Impress

Cooking Class

Learning something new can really encourage confidence and self-pride. Get together your work colleagues, investors or a company who you want to partner with to set up a cooking workshop. This is also a great way to see who can really take direction and learn how they like to be managed.

Cocktail Making (18+)

Better for smaller teams and great for building relationships with investors and partners, Cocktail making encourages learning new skills. This can also be great for training purposes if you’re in the entertainment/events business.

Whisky Tasting (18+)

Tasting sessions of various specialist drinks can be a great conversation starter. Wine tasting, whisky tasting or even gin building offers a fantastic ice-breaker for all new colleagues. Invite in an expert to take the group through a selection of whiskies/wines talking them through the flavours, scents and ingredients in each.

Chocolate making

This can be as tricky or as simple as you like, grouping your teams together in their mutual love of all things sweet, beautiful and delicious. This could be a day of tasting, creating or education, giving a fulfilling day for all.

Box hire for sports events

If you are looking to impress, hiring a box for a sporting event is the way forward. Lavish, entertaining and ideal for mingling with potential suppliers or business partners. These types of events can include food and drink as well, offering the ultimate social opportunity.

Here at Seckford Hall, we are always looking for ways to inspire exciting, fun and interesting corporate events or team building days. The combination of having so much space and team who love all things creative and fun, Seckford Hall really is the ultimate place to hold your corporate event.


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